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Slowing Down, Taking a Breath

Thursday, August 04, 2011 View Comments Comments (1)
Nearly two years ago, a friend gave me a little book written by Linus Mundy called "Slow Down Therapy."  It contains little snipets of insight about God's plan for us to have balance in our lives, to slow down and be in God's presence, to slow down and appreciate life as it happens around us, to slow down and take a breath.
Guess what! I finally got around to opening it today to discover the treasures that it offers on the subject of pacing our lives and finding balance to do and to be. It took me two years to stop and read a little book that can be completed in 5 minutes - if you read the way I do. Of course, finishing a book in five minutes that reminds us of the need to slow down and savor life is probably the 8th deadly sin, and completely goes against the entire premise of the book.
I admit to being a workaholic, but I am working (uh-oh, there is that word again) on learning to slow down and take a breath. Maybe even several deep breaths.
How about you? Are you a workaholic, or have you learned to slow down and take a breath?

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