Staff/Pastor Parish Relations Committee

Report to Church Council – Progress Throughout COVID-19

June 2021

Personnel Changes:

Retirement of Koger Lake – In March 2020, Koger Lake, longtime LUMC ministry assistant, submitted her letter of resignation due to health restrictions.

Debra Fowler assumed the ministry assistant responsibilities, as well as continued her responsibilities as church treasurer. Wendy Zwart dedicated long hours of help to ensure that the office continued to run smoothly. This period of time coincided with the temporary halting of church services due to COVID-19.

Hiring of Ryan McDaniel, Director of Student Ministry – Brian Pierce, Wendy Zwart and Trudy Matthews led the efforts to advertise the job description on LUMC’s printed material as well as social media outlets. Interview Team: Ty Bouknight, Sonya Bryant, Rosemary Knowlton, Richard Matthews, Stephanie Sawyer, Bruce Sayre and Kaye Shaw

Resignation of Ryan McDaniel – effective April 2021

Hiring of Anna Moore, Ministry Assistant:  Interview Team: Mike Edwards, Debra Fowler, David Geisen, John Kneece, Bruce Sayre, Kaye Shaw, and Wendy Zwart. Anna began serving as LUMC Ministry Assistant in September 2020.

Hiring of David Moore, Director of Student Ministry: By unanimous vote of the committee, David Moore was recommended as the Director of Study Ministries effective April 15, 2021.

Updating of LUMC office technology: Brian Pierce led the updating of technology and programs for the church office. The church office laptop and monitor were replaced with a new desktop computer and two large monitors. New phones and Microsoft software were updated. 

Reports to Greenwood District:

End of Year Recommendations for Salaries: Recommendations were sent to the Finance Committee for approval to be submitted to Church Council.

Completion of Clergy Assessment 2020: Each SPPRC committee member completed the 2020 Clergy Assessment for Rev. Bruce Sayre. The signed documentation was submitted to the Greenwood District in December 2020.

Study on Salary Recommendation for Pastors: Ty Bouknight led the efforts to determine how the salary of the pastor would affect appointments made by the District.

Updating of Church Profile: The LUMC profile was updated in September 2020.

End of Year Reports to District: All end of the year reports were submitted to the Greenwood District


Recognition of Koger Lake: On October 18, 2020, LUMC honored Koger by:

  • Designating the conference room as the Koger Shealy Lake Conference Room
  • Ode and special music
  • Recognition of Koger’s family.

Retirement Celebration for Rev. Bruce and Ann Sayre: On May 2, 2021, the congregation celebrated the many years of service of Rev. Bruce and Ann. Rev. Dr. Stephen Love and his wife, Mamie, attended with Dr. Love bringing the message at both the 9 a.m. and 11 a.m. services. Wendy Zwart wrote and delivered an Ode and arranged for Pastor Sayre’s favorite music to be played. A drop-in was held during the Sunday School hour with all ages attending. Dr. Scraper, the adult choir and the KidPower children’s group led the music in the 11 a.m. service. Planning team members were Phylis Bouknight, Debra Fowler, Jo-Ann Kneece, Kaye Shaw and Wendy Zwart.

LUMC Newsletter: Trudy Matthews was recognized for her 10-years of compiling the news and information for our monthly newsletter.

New Pastor Appointment of Rev. Dr. Shawn Armstrong: Dr. Stephen Love, Greenwood District Superintendent, introduced our committee to Rev. Dr. Shawn Armstrong and her family: husband, Terry; sons, Bennett and Trevor; and daughter, Samantha Grace.

Meeting with Personnel

Meeting with Dr. Joel Scraper: Dr. Scraper asked to meet with the committee to find ways to build the choir for the 11 a.m. service. Efforts will be made to start a youth choir for the 11 a.m. service and the handbell choir will continue as another avenue for engaging members with musical talents.

Parsonage Study Committee

SPPRC Involvement with Parsonage Study Committee: All committee members were asked to serve on the Parsonage Study Committee. Andy Bedenbaugh, working with Troy Buzhardt, located a home at 117 Gin Branch Court in Leesville that met the needs for our congregation.  Committee members have been active in working to move furniture from the current parsonage to the new parsonage and in securing new furniture as needed. Ruth Brigham led the team of John Kneece, Beth Berry and Pat Barr in determining the furniture appropriate for the new parsonage as well as purchasing needed furniture or accessories. Ty Bouknight  and his Bill Jones Sunday School class led the team of those moving furniture between the current and new parsonage.