During the Covid pandemic the church trustees had only minor problems acquiring needed repairs or materials.  The only recommendation we can make if the crisis arises again is to not purchase any automatic hand sanitizers.

It was decided to purchase three to place at the three main entrances to the church and keep them mobile to be moved as needed.  There were few vendors that had any in stock.  The preacher found three that could be purchased through the district office connections.  When they arrived they did not work and I recommended we return them.  The preacher stated they could not be returned.  They were a waste of money.

In the future we should stick with using bottles of hand sanitizer with pump tops.  That is what we did through this pandemic.

The following projects were undertaken and completed by the Trustees during the pandemic:

June, 2020-Investigated the source of a hole in the parking lot and fixed it.

September, 2020-Replaced the 2 refrigerator/freezers in the Kitchen with one refrigerator and one freezer.

October, 2020-Replaced floor in old Library and Office.

November, 2020-Repaired both air conditioning units in the Fellowship Hall. Replaced refrigerator in Parsonage.

May, 2021-Installed sun shades on 3 doors in Fellowship Hall to reduce the glare during broadcasts of services. Completed the roof replacement and drainage improvements at new Parsonage.